A good shirt can have a higher number of stitches per inch (SPI).

Normal standard formal shirts have 13 to18 SPI while a top of the class shirt could have 23-25 SPI. A high SPI makes the shirt look additional stylish and enhances its existence. D) Trims - Make sure that the labels, buttons and button-holes are sewn in properly. The buttons should be located at the centre of button-holes.  men shirts in Pakistan 2 . Size You should know the best collar size that fits you properly. Normally, the back of the shirt sizes are mentioned with both inches and cms. 3. Fit If you are have a slim, V-Shaped shape and you like the shirt to never be too loose around the waist, try the slim-fit. A slim fit tee shirt gives an allowance of 3 to 4 inches about the body contour. On the other hand, when you are little endowed around the waist, you should look for a regular-fit or simply comfort-fit (both are the same) which gives some more allowance surrounding the body contour, particularly about the tummy. In this case, if you find that even though your collar and sleeve fit right, but the tee shirt is too tight around the stomach or other places, it is better ordering a bespoke shirt, which implies a tailored shirt designed to your measurements.

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